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About us

Bio-Groom - Celebrating 40 Year of Quality 2011. Bio-Derm Laboratories, Inc., makers of Bio Groom Pet Care Products was founded by an ambitious German immigrant named Claus Pohl. A chemist in 1972, Claus was approchced by a family friend and dog groomer to create a flea and tick shampoo that would also condition her customers' coats. Claus called this new product Bio-Groom, and with the help of family members, the shampoo was made and distributed from the Pohl home.

Thirty-five years later, the Bio-Groom products are manufactured in a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility on Redmon Road in Longview, Texas. The single shampoo developed in 1971 has evolved into more than 60 different kinds of flea and tick products, shampoos, conditioners and wellness, and other specialty animal health care products. Today, professional groomers, pet stores, and top show handlers worldwide use Bio-Groom products more than an other competitive brand.

Frank Pohl grew up helping in the family business and took over the company in 1994 after his father's death. "My father experimented with different formulas, and today we still produce the exact same shampoo that he created in 1971, along with 60 different products.   The company's goals have not changed over the many years since Claus Pohl developed the first bottle of shampoo to manufacture truly superior products and provide genuine quality customer service. The dream of a determined German immigrant has evolved into the number one product line for profession pet groomers and top show dog handlers in the world.


Celebrating 40 Years of Quality - Click here to read more (pdf)