Groomer's Goop Degreaser Cream

Groomer's Groop

Groomers Goop is the cat fancier's choice as the first step for perfect competition grooming. It's also the answer for removing oil, grease, gum, tar and more from your pets coat.

Groomer Goop is an enhanced reformulation of the Original Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner that pet show pros, groomers, breeders, and vets have been using for years. Groomer's Goop is designed exclusively for the purpose of de-greasing the coats of longhaired cats and dogs and removing stud tail. The non-toxic, biodegradable, enriched formula contains glycerin, lanolin, vitamin E and Aloe Vera for important skin conditioning. Itís also great for cleaning and whitening paws and bib areas.  It removes tar, sap, chewing gum and blood.

How To Use Groomer's Goop Degreaser
Rub a generous amount of Groomer's Goop into the pet's dry coat. Make sure to massage Groomer's Goop into the entire coat , head to toe, bib area, behind the ears and anywhere else the coat is clumped together.

Leave on for approximately five minutes in order for the product to penetrate and remove the excess oil from the coat. Then wash your pet with warm water and Groomer's Goop Shampoo, massaging and rinsing your pets coat until squeaky clean.

Available in 4.5lb and 28oz



Greenback Vet Bed

Dog and Cat Bedding

Made from 100% polyester with an acrylic based polymer backing (green autoclave) this is the hardest wearing vet/dry bed. Available in a great range of colours, including all the new colours with pawprints.





Ideal for the following uses:
Younger animals: Keeping them safe and warm in the event of an accident.
Older animals: Keeping them comfortable with retaining heat.
For Vets: Hospital use.
Birthing: Keeps Mom and babies warm and dry, retaining body warmth.allows more mobility and grip for the little ones and has excellent drainage proprieties.



Anibio Tic-Clip



The Natural Alternative!

1. Effective for up to 2 years.
2. Free of insecticides.
3. Also for puppies.
4. Water resistant.
5. Suitable for all animal sizes.
6. For all fur types.


The ready to use Tic Clip Pendant is energetically activated in a complex process and sealed with a very special coating, this creates a special energy field in the environment of the home and the animal, regardless of the size of the animal and the fur. This will protect the dogs and cats for 24 months.

The Tic Clip pendant is attached to the collar or harness with the rings(material of collar does not matter)Where or how the clip is attached does not matter in principal. In cats and small dogs up to (15kgs) one ring is sufficient. At night the collar can safely removed with the tic clip.

It takes about 5 days to build up a sufficient protective effect. Please always use the rings as these also treated energetically.

From the moment the ring is attached to the disc the clip works for 2 years.

During the day the disc needs to remain on the collar of the animal, otherwise no lasting protection can be achieved. Since the Tic clip is non Toxic it is safe for the environment and around children.