Quick Clean™


Waterless Shampoo

Bio-Groom Quick-Clean Waterless Shampoo has been specially developed for quick touch-ups between classes, for cold weather cleaning, or when a full bath is not practical. Ideally suited to remove saddle and halter marks, and for cleaning socks, manes and tails. Removes grass stains, manure stains, and stall marks.

Quick-Clean is the short-cut to a bath! Optical brighteners gives luster to the hair and makes white sparkle. Quick drying – no water or rinsing needed. Easy wet or dry combing of mane and tail, non-toxic, non-irritating. Contains lanolin to condition hair and skin.

For show-ring perfection don’t just groom – Bio-Groom, your horse is worth it!

Cruelty Free – Soap Free.

Available Volumes: 32oz

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